Bill Lee: “Steinbrenner’s Dead? Good, I Hated That Guy”

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Famous wackadoo Bill “Spaceman” Lee and his brilliantly white teeth didn’t disappoint in the least bit when he was interrupted while shooting a round of probably very wacky golf to answer questions about his former nemesis, the former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. He blathers on about how his Irish heritage ensures that he holds grudges even after a man is set in his coffin, and how he used to have nightmares about Steinbrenner coming into his hotel room through the window of his windowless hotel room. Do they even have windowless hotel rooms in America? He’s probably talking about his psychiatric ward.

Anyway, I’d tell you more about the video but I keep losing my train of thought as I fixate on his absolutely breathtaking set of teeth. I don’t know how he can go outside with those babies, I’d spend my days smiling at my bathroom mirror. What’s Lee been up to these days, you ask? Well he’s co-written four books, which probably means he rambled on into a tape recorder then had some poor putz sort through the weeks of audio to string together an ill thought out book that a hundred people bought. He’s also made a documentary of himself entitled ‘Spaceman in Cuba‘ where he probably does crazy things in front of locals as they quietly chuckle to each other about how much weird stuff the stupid white man will do as he begs for attention.

Oh yeah, and he’s still pitching at 62, which is quite frankly freaking awesome. The best part? He’s hanging out with Delino DeShields! Living the dream, I tell you!

In 2007, Lee joined former major league players Dennis ‘Oil Can’ Boyd, Marquis Grissom, Delino DeShields and Ken Ryan on the Oil Can Boyd’s Traveling All-Stars. In June of 2008, Lee pitched for the Alaska Goldpanners during the annual “Midnight Sun” ball game played at night during the Summer Solstice. Lee is also a member of former pro player coaches at the annual Red Sox Fan Fantasy Camp in Florida.


To top it all off, he has a breathtaking goatee. I am naming him my honorary extremely cool grandfather who sits at the kids table at family dinners in an attempt to see if his grandchildren will enable him to score some weed.


Please make lots of babies so the next generation will be as gloriously crazy as you.

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