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Former Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman and current FOX football broadcaster Bill Maas was arrested with a female companion, Sarah J. Murphy, in Maas' Hummer for drug and weapon possession on Friday night during a roadside safety check.  Maas, 42, and Miss Murphy, 27, were escorted to the Tazewell County Jail after Illinois State Police discovered a .22, marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy in the automobile. I don't what they had planned for the evening, but it sure sounds like fun.  This story is all over blogosphere, and I really wish my mother had a computer today. Then when she asks me, "Why do you always bring home these Russian Orthodox girls that can't even speak English? Why can't you find a nice Irish Catholic girl?", I could retort, "Well ma, they're into drugs, guns and hummers."  Actually, that only makes them more attractive to me. Damn. Anyway, here's the funny:

"We didn't recognize him until about 5 p.m. this afternoon," Trooper Tony Halsey told the Journal Star of Peoria on Saturday.

Ha! The cops in Peoria even recognize yours truly . . . well only after the "incident". Billy is going to wish he never shot that bear when he finds out his new cell mate is none other than Tank Johnson. -KD

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