Bill Murray Tried To Use His Rascally Bill Murray Charm To Bribe Minor League Umpires

Beloved comedian/actor/Tune Squad bench threat Bill Murray enjoys his baseball and so he should. He enjoys it so much that he has no problem tipping the umpires. What’s that? Oh, it’s a bribe? Well, that works too.

Drunk with power (and possibly booze) Murray took his role as co-owner/Director of Fun for the Charleston RiverDogs to an appropriately hilarious extreme on Opening Day. During the festivities, Murray approached the minor league umps working the South Atlantic League contest and attempted to give them some cash money. You can see how it panned out for yourself courtesy of video captured by WCIV sports anchor Daren Stoltzfus. The short answer: Giggles, playfulness and a pleasant time was had by all.

Murray’s innocent attempt at wealth redistribution wasn’t enough for the RiverDogs at their home opener. They found themselves on the losing end of a 6-3 result at the hands of the Lexington Legends.

Hanging out with the RiverDogs wasn’t a one-off for Murray. The dude is actively involved with the club and enjoyed the spoils that came from Charleston scoring their first playoff berth last season.

Heck, Murray has even invited us in on one of the Yankees affiliate’s Christmas parties. That’s awful sweet of you, Bill. Maybe consider using PayPal for your bribery next time.

(Via SB Nation)