Bill Murray’s Joy At The Cubs Winning The World Series Is Positively Infectious

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It finally happened. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria. That’s right, the Cubs won the 2016 World Series, ending a 108 year drought by coming back strong with three wins in a row, clinching their victory over the Cleveland Indians 8-7 in the 10th inning of Game 7 on Wednesday night. After all that build-up, fans were understandably bursting with energy, perhaps none so much as Bill Murray:

It’s been quite the series for Murray. He impressed us by giving a complete stranger a world series ticket. He sang quite the rendition of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and even crashed a White House press briefing to talk about the Cubs. After years of fandom, his team finally did it. I can’t believe I’m typing this: the Cubs are the World Series Champions. To put that in perspective, this was the front page of the Chicago Tribune the last time the Cubs won the series, a photo so old it is now public domain.

You know who else looks like he can’t believe this finally happened? Bill Murray.

He shared some of his excitement with Eddie Vedder, who has also been enjoying this series.

Murray took some of that joy down on the field, where he celebrated by honking the horn of the MVP giveaway car, a black Camaro.

He also went ahead and gave all Chicago school children the rest of the week off:

He was, in his words, glistening:

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