Bill Simmons Slams Stephen A. Smith For His Role In ESPN’s DeflateGate Coverage

“What is dead shall never die.”

That line was made famous by Game of Thrones, but it can also be applied to to the NFL’s DeflateGate saga. Or Bill Simmons’ war against his former employer, ESPN.

Of course, DeflateGate found its way back into headlines this week when Tom Brady lost the appeal to have his four-game suspension lifted (again), meaning that — unless the Patriots quarterback manages to have his case heard by the Supreme Court before the season — he’s going to miss a quarter of the regular season.

This news prompted Stephen A. Smith, professional mouth-breather for ESPN, to tweet the following:

Jury’s out on the quality of that analysis, but at least Stephen A. gets points for tweeting exactly how he speaks.

A day later, a “mad on-line” Simmons decided he couldn’t just sit around and let Smith besmirch the name of his beloved Brady. So, he decided to level accusations against the First Take co-host.

It’s one thing for Simmons to say that ESPN sucks and he wants them to fall off a cliff and die — something he’s done countless times since leaving — but it’s another to claim that his former colleagues allowed the NFL to use them as mouthpieces to spread information (possibly misinformation) for the purpose of altering public perception.

Then again, would it be all that surprising to find out that the NFL and ESPN — two massive businesses partnered and heavily dependent on each other — would be in bed together?

Who knows, maybe Simmons is just a scorned ex-employee who can’t help himself when it comes to burying Bristol any chance he gets, especially when it allows him to simultaneously defend his Patriots. But, then again, maybe he’s just telling the truth now that nobody is allowed to tell him he can’t.

Either way, a fiery feud between Simmons and Stephen A. would be equal parts amazing and insufferable. It’d be the greatest media feud that absolutely nobody asked for.