Watch A Bills Tailgater Jump Onto A Flaming Table And Catch Himself On Fire

Buffalo Bills fans (also known as the Bills Mafia) who tailgate home games have had quite a season. They were rated as the drunkest fans in the NFL, and all season long they have been one-upping themselves with outrageous antics involving tables, including giving someone an RKO through one or an insane moonsault off of a pickup truck.

In their final home game of the season against the Jets, Bills fans wanted to make sure they went out with a bang, and one Buffalo fan figured that it would be a great idea to light a table on fire and then jump onto it.

Thankfully the fan appeared to be okay despite his idiocy, thanks in part to fellow fans who were there to dump cold beer on the flames.

Say what you will about Bills fans, but at least they’re always looking out for each other.