The Bills Kicker’s Wife Threatened Richard Sherman With An Animal Castration Tool On Twitter

Getty Image / Twitter

Richard Sherman’s strange and over-aggressive play to end the first half against the Buffalo Bills confused and angered a lot of people. Why did an offsides penalty negate what should have been a harsher unnecessary rougness or roughing the kicker penalty, and why couldn’t the referees sort out how to end a half?

It’s a problem woven into the fabric of the game at this point, but one person wasn’t focusing on the rules.

Kaela Carpenter is Bills kicker Dan Carpenter’s wife, and she was understandably more concerned for her husband’s health than the application of the nuances of the NFL’s rulebook. She let that concern boil over into anger, though, and the results were not pretty:

That’s a tool for castrating farm animals, and combined with the gross-and-offensive hashtag calling Richard Sherman an animal, it’s just a bad look. Again, we understand why she was upset — kickers are pretty fungible in the NFL, so when you dive at one’s leg, you’re going after an entire family’s moneymaker. But in no universe is a threat like this okay.