If You’re Not Looking, Billy Hamilton Is Probably Stealing A Base

Cincinnati’s Billy Hamilton is the fastest man in Major League Baseball, bar none. He may not be good at hitting (or even average, by MLB standards, as he’s batting .220) heading into the All-Star break, but once he gets on the basepaths somehow, he immediately becomes the most dangerous man in the stadium (THAT YOU CAN SEE). He had already stolen second base during Reds teammate Joey Votto’s at-bat against Miami Marlins pitcher Adam Conley when catcher J.T Realmuto made the grievous error of throwing the ball back to Conley. Billy pounced, and he was into third by the time Conley even noticed he was gone.

Maybe it’s for the best that Hamilton can’t hit a lick — an above-average hitter with that kind of speed should be illegal. He’s out there stealing bases the second he sees players relax. That’s terrifying. It was his 44th stolen base of the season so far, leading the major leagues.