Dennis Siver Picks Apart BJ Penn At UFC Fight Night 112, Now Every MMA Fan Is Depressed

BJ Penn should not be fighting. He’s done. Maybe, just maybe if there were some sort of Legends Division, then maybe he should fight, but even then, it should probably only be a grappling match. Hell, the 38-year-old Penn fighting the 38-year-old Dennis Siver basically was a Legends Division fight…

So, despite a few strong punches and a single knockdown in the second round, the legendary BJ Penn looked horrible in his second UFC fight since retiring (for the second time) in 2014. He gassed midway through the second round and was being dominated in the third. It just wasn’t pleasant to watch. Somehow, the fight was won by Siver via majority decision, but we’ll chalk that up to the poor OKC athletic commission.

Penn’s fall from grace is seemingly never going to end unless he makes the correct decision to leave his gloves in OKC. He’s now 1-7-1 in his last 9 since beating Diego Sanchez at UFC 107, and who knows if he’ll ever win again. Is that what this is about, BJ? Are you trying to go out on a win? If so, save yourself, your family and your fans heartache, and please just stop. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

A few years ago, we said BJ Penn’s legacy couldn’t be sullied, but now it’s starting to be besmirched by losses in fights that never should’ve happened. Everyone wants you to stop.

Here’s a picture of Dennis Siver’s ear to make you feel better.

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