A Black Cat Snuck Onto The Ice During Sharks-Predators Warmups, Which Is Bad News For Someone

The Sharks and Predators kicked off their second round series on Friday night in San Jose, but not before a bad omen struck first.

During warmups prior to puck drop, a black cat snuck out onto the ice and from behind one of the benches before running for a little bit and exiting out through the Zamboni door. It’s still a bit of a mystery who the cat belongs to (if anyone) or where exactly it came from, but it certainly caused quite a stir before the game.

Having a black cat cross your path is typically considered bad luck, so could the mysterious cat have been planted in an attempt to hex one of the teams before the start of the series? Who knows, but they better hope not. It’s hard enough to win a Stanley Cup to begin with, never mind when there’s black magic involved.