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Los Angeles Angels outfielder Torii Hunter would like to elaborate on his thoughts on Latin American players, and how they relate to African-American ballplayers that grew up here in America.

“What troubles me most was the word “impostors” appearing in reference to Latin American players not being black players. It was the wrong word choice, and it definitely doesn’t accurately reflect how I feel and who I am,” Hunter posted on his Angels-sponsored blog Wednesday afternoon.

“What I meant was they’re not black players; they’re Latin American players. There is a difference culturally. But on the field, we’re all brothers, no matter where we come from, and that’s something I’ve always taken pride in: treating everybody the same, whether he’s a superstar or a young kid breaking into the game. Where he was born and raised makes no difference.”

So…there’s no difference in your eyes between blacks and Latinos, Torii? [Emphasis added.]

“…The point I was trying to make was that there is a difference between black players coming from American neighborhoods and players from Latin America. In the clubhouse, there is no difference at all. We’re all the same. –Y! Sports.

So aside from the obvious differences in race, there are no difference. This is what I’ve been saying all along. It’s like when I go down to the Navy Yard and specifically request an Asian girl, and they bring me this Indian chick. “India is IN Asia,” they keep telling me. Next thing I’m gonna hear is that Australia is a country and a continent. What, you think I was born yesterday?

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