NBC Made A Very Expensive Super Bowl Commercial Mistake And Twitter Brought The Jokes

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02.04.18 4 Comments

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The Super Bowl was humming along like a well-oiled machine as anticipated movie trailers dropped (like the Han Solo teaser and the latest Cloverfield reveal) but then there was a complete blackout, which immediately set off conspiracy theories. Was Bill Belichick up to something with his Patriots down against the Eagles? Or was this another, extremely expensive ad for Cloverfield? What are we seeing here, besides nothing?

It turns out, Occam’s Razor reigned supreme once again, and the simplest answer was likely correct — someone at NBC must’ve zigged instead of zagged, and 15 seconds of Super Bowl commercials were lost. Millions of bucks. Naturally, Twitter dissected the situation and had jokes about the situation. Even brands. Because that’s the world we live in now.

At least some of the darker, non-football-related conspiracy theories weren’t true. People thought that this could’ve been a terrible moment of reckoning from North Korea, but thankfully, it seemed like a general breakdown somewhere in the broadcast booth. A few minutes later, a commercial for NBC’s Olympic coverage lost audio, and then it went to pure local commercials as the halftime show was getting set up.

It was a weird moment, and Netflix really should’ve just taken credit and called it a Cloverfield brand takeover.

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