Blake Griffin Twitterizes Oklahoma City’s Kendrick Perkins (and Morning Links)

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.31.12 4 Comments

… because seriously, who buys NBA posters anymore? You can’t Fathead somebody. Now you turn them into a trending topic.

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10 enthusiastic quotes from the one positive review of Katherine Heigl’s new movie – “I never thought of her as that attractive before, but she’s quite sexy here!” Obviously this guy never saw her ass in My Father The Hero. [Film Drunk]

The Best Of #Michael Scott – Watching ‘The Office’ this season is like hanging out with an ex-girlfriend. It’s like, yeah, you WANT to like her, but you mostly just want to go watch something else. [UPROXX]

Katherine Heigl thong ass My Father The Hero5 Steps To Make the Worst Game Boss Possible – Step 1: put Sonic The Hedgehog in it. Step 2: give it motion controls. Step 3: Mini-games, and lots of them. [Gamma Squad]

The Season 2 ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer Will Make Your Dinklage Hard – Using the image from this post as precedent the next time I worried about putting naked people on With Leather. [Warming Glow]

Pitchfork Takes A Dump On Lana Del Rey’s New Album: ‘The Album Equivalent Of A Faked Orgasm’ – The truth. If you like Lana Del Rey’s album you’re the kind of person who masturbates to animated gifs. [UPROXX]

Believe It Or Not, The Pro Bowl Wasn’t Terrible: The Game In Pictures – Hey guys, how about we give 1,500 comments to a fun thing about football for once? [With Leather]

Nas Joins ESPN’s Winter X Games – What the what? Alternate headline: Big Bear joins ESPN3’s coverage of beach volleyball, points out when the ladies are Doin’ Thangs. [Smoking Section]

Please Do Not Follow These 15 Disturbing Tips – Number 16: Please read Busted Coverage. [Buzzfeed]

Best New Netflix Instant Movies for February 2012 – Thanks for your instant streaming, Netflix, it helps justify that hard copy of The King’s Speech I’ve had sitting on my fridge for the last six months. [The FW]

Girls in Gaming: Killing the Cliché with Chelsea – Only an editorial piece about video games could justify “talking to a random stranger who happens to be a woman” as breaking social barriers. ‘Sup, Chelsea? [Unreality]

Here’s Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl Prediction – Big Bear predicts Chicago will show up, do thangs and win by 10. [Brobible]

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