Blake Griffin Won't Stop Being Funny

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10.30.12 3 Comments

Blake Griffin funny commercials videos

I woke up to give-or-take 30 e-mails this morning. A third of them started with HI JOSH because people want links but don’t actually read the site, a third of them were “inspirational photos” from Hurricane Sandy where somebody superimposes an angel face on a storm cloud and the final third, the third I can’t get enough of, were clips of Blake Griffin being funny. Nay, hilarious.

He does this a lot. He’s sorta cornered the market on being the “funny basketball player,” assuming Metta World Peace is doing this all by accident. So far on With Leather we’ve written about Blake being stalked by a puppet version of himself, dunking in the nude, hanging out with Elmo and talking with television’s Dwight Schrute about his fear of Chinese people.

Because I can’t devote a single post to every Blake Griffin video I get, I’ve decided to lump them all together. Inside you will find:

1. Blake Griffin making INTENSE DUNK FACES.

2. Creating Conan O’Brien in NBA 2K13, then taking alley-oops from him.

3. Time traveling back to 1995 in a Kia to shoot free throws.

4. Time traveling back to 1997 to play football with himself.

5. A really concerning appearance in a Brazzers video.

Okay, almost all of those things are inside.

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