These Guys Make The Most Out Of #Blizzard2016 By Snowboarding Around New York City

Casey Neistat saw the historic nature of Winter Storm Jonas and knew he had to make it memorable. So with a little bit of chutzpah, a snowboard, and a Jeep 4×4, Neistat put a plan forward to take to the streets of New York when the storm overtook the city. And this video is the final product, a snowy love letter to New York with a little bit of America peppered in there.

Neistat greets pedestrians, does a few slick moves around the streets, and doesn’t seem to run into any cops until the end of the movie. The best part is when he and his crew take to Times Square, American flag in hand, and really capture what the snow stricken city looks like at its most famous point. It’s fantastic.

You can check out a little bit of the prep that went into this venture below, including his concerns that there might be too much snow on the ground to actually do anything of any worth on the streets. Luckily it all worked out and we got a pretty sweet video in the process. Not a bad time at all, even if the city is likely trapped inside by now.