This Chaotic Blocked Punt Touchdown Return By Oregon State Is An All-Time Pac-12 After Dark Moment

The Pac-12 has a bit of a reputation. Every week, a game will kick off at like 11 p.m. EST, and for some reason, it ends up being completely bonkers. It is not written in the Constitution or the Bible or anything, and yet it seems like there is a bargain that both teams feel obliged to uphold, and goodness gracious, is it beautiful.

Saturday night’s #Pac12AfterDark tilt featured the Oregon State Beavers heading to Seattle to take on Washington. The first drive of the game decided to set the bar awfully high for the rest of the game — Washington got the ball first and had a pretty unremarkable eight-play sequence that ended up with a fourth-and-6 at the Oregon State 40, so they decided to send out the punt team.

What happened next is nothing short of magnificent. Behold!

I agree with CFBONFOX’s assessment of “Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no no.” Why did he punt that? Why did no one fall on it? Why did any of this happen? The answer can only be summed up thusly: Pac-12 After Dark™ calls on the most insane things in college football to happen every single time. As a result, the Beavers went up, 7-0, before their offense could ever step on the field.