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This is Slovakian hockey player Lubos Bartecko, and I’d say it’s safe to call him as a bleeder. After a very questionable forearm shot from Norway’s Ole Kristian Tollefsen, Bartecko’s helmet separated from his head (much in the same way that Slovakia separated from the Czech Republic in 1993), leaving Bartecko’s head exposed to a brutal fall onto the ice.

Slovakia team spokesman Peter Dobias said Bartecko was treated on site and later taken to the medical clinic at the Vancouver Athletes Village.

Tollefsen was given a major penalty and a match penalty and won’t be eligible to play in Norway’s next game. –LA Times blog.

Bartecko is reportedly in stable condition, and I’ll never look at guys named “Ole Kristian” the same way ever again. I don’t understand where all these head shots are coming from, and why there hasn’t been more of a crackdown. Sure, hockey may not be as popular as other sports, but one would hope that at least the referees are watching. Video’s after the jump; it’s not for the squeamish.

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