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Meanwhile, back in Gotham , New York City mayor and former presidential non-candidate Michael Bloomberg is nearly losing his mind trying to get Plaxico Burress in jail, as illegally carrying a loaded handgun carries a mandatory 42-month prison sentence if convicted. The hospital that treated Plaxico suspended the employee responsible for not reporting the gunshot wound (as required by law), and has launched its own investigation. But the mayor isn’t satisfied; in fact, he’s also doling out blame to the Giants organization:

[…]Bloomberg also complained that the Giants “should have picked up the phone right away as good corporate citizens. I don’t care whether there’s a legal responsibility for them to do it. They are a team that is here in this region. I know they’re in New Jersey, but it’s the New York Giants, and they have a responsibility as a team that depends on the public and wants to be role models to the public.”

Good corporate citizens don’t really exist, except in fairy tales about corporations. You know, the story of Cinderella was orignally about a third-shift cleaning lady that got plowed in the copy room and then went on to become CEO of the company in that buiding. Man, those corporate Chistmas parties are networking gold mines if you play your cards right.

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