Blue Jays Fan Is Disgusted By Home-Run Ball, Casually Tosses It Back Onto The Field

Sports fans. There’s nothing worse.

Remember when you were a kid and dreamed of catching a ball in the stands? You’d bring your glove to the stadium in the hopes of catching a foul ball or, if you were among the luckiest people on the planet, a home-run ball? It’s a dream that lives inside many an adult.

Not this guy at the Blue Jays game on Sunday, though. A home run hit by the other team? A home run by the A’s? Get that out of here!

In situations like this, people always assume the people in that video are boyfriend and girlfriend. People will tell you to check out this video of a guy tossing his girlfriend’s home-run ball onto the field because it was hit by the other team. Not me.

What I see here is a doctor. She is excited to bring this baseball to work on Monday and show it to the sick children in her pediatric cancer ward. The childs’ eyes will beam wide and ask questions about how she caught it and if it hurt when it hit her hands. It will be a bright spot in another dreary day for these brave children.

Next to her I see a guy who came to the game alone. She had the unfortunate luck of sitting next to him, a guy who takes his sports too seriously and was so infuriated about sitting next to a home-run ball hit by the other team, he snatched it away from her and, by extension, the aforementioned sick children.

But fear not. In this scenario that I shall emphasize is fictional for legal purposes, the man was arrested for throwing the ball on the field and was sentenced to life in prison two hours later. That’s simply Canadian justice.

You’re probably wondering why she doesn’t seem angry as he’s throwing it on the field. Well, she’s probably in shock. He tosses the ball away and she freezes, immediately flashing on the faces of her patients, who have had joy stolen from them.

It’s also possible she told him to throw it on the field and they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Can’t rule that out, either.

Anyway, great Vine. Good stuff.

(Via MLB)