This Man Has Found The Most Dangerous And Impressive Way Humanly Possible To Ride A BMX Bike

Even if you don’t much care for the art of BMX, there’s a good chance you’ll still be able to appreciate the absurdity contained in the video above.

In it, a BMX enthusiast pulls off one of the most impressively insane “tricks” ever. Quotation marks are used because the trick in question consists solely of riding while standing on the handlebars, but the result is just as (if not more) mind-blowing than any mid-air maneuver a rider could ever pull off.

Not only does this guy manage to stay upright on the handlebars for close to 50 seconds, but he does so while managing the inclines and declines of ramps and while navigating his way around the park with precision. It’s outrageous. As soon as he went down that first ramp, I was expecting him to faceplant and knock out all of his teeth in brutal fashion. But he managed to keep his balance, save the run, and win every ounce of my respect in the process.

I don’t know how one becomes so accomplished at something as random and as dangerous as this, but I’m fairly certain this man is the greatest athlete of our generation and I won’t allow anyone to tell me otherwise.

(Via Reddit)

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