An Alabama Player Capped Off An 85-Yard Touchdown Run By Stunting On Tennessee Fans

Alabama thought it would be fun to completely obliterate Tennessee on Saturday afternoon. That’s actually kind of selling short what the Crimson Tide did, as Nick Saban’s squad put together a comprehensive beatdown of the Volunteers en route to a 39-point win.

One Crimson Tide running back, Bo Scarbrough, broke one for an 85-yard touchdown during the game’s fourth quarter to make it 49-10, which ended up being the final score. It was Alabama’s fifth rushing touchdown of the afternoon, the first of the day for Scarbrough. He ended the day with a career-high 109 rushing yards – in fact, this 85-yard run would have been his single-game high.

After he scored, Scarbrough made it a point to let a Tennessee fan know that ‘Bama scored on the ground five times. Either that or he was looking for a high-five, or he was doing the “talk to the hand because the face ain’t listening” thing that was popular back in like 1994. No matter what the intent was, it was Scarbrough looking for a chance to stunt on some Tennessee fans who were already having a pretty rough day – the Vols had 163 yards of total offense and Scarbrough’s 85-yard run more than doubled the 32 yards that Tennessee gained on the afternoon.

Obviously this is something that people are going to hate, because college football fans always look for reasons to hate Alabama whether it’s justified or not. For most people, hating this incident leans towards justified, as one Tennessee fan let us know.

Between this and Lane Kiffin’s incident after the game, there are a few reasons to hate Alabama after this game. But hey, it’s Alabama, they love to be the most hated team in America.