Bob Costas Claims He Missed A Call From OJ Simpson During The Infamous Bronco Chase

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He know when that hotline bling…it’s OJ Simpson? On the eve of the Simpson-centric series American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson, Bob Costas told an incredible story about how OJ called him during the infamous White Bronco police chase. The chase, which officially kicked off the country’s obsession with the murder case and trial surrounding OJ, was watched by many live on air as it unfolded. But until now, not many people knew that Costas almost received a personal phone call from the man on the run.

Costas has covered the most high profile sporting events in the world. Everything from the Olympic Games to elite championship match-ups to NBA Finals have been graced by Costas’ presence and analysis. Yet OJ attempting to reach him in the midst of one of the most famous car chases of all time might top them all. According to Bro Bible, Costas told the full story on an upcoming episode of Campus Insiders. As he tells it:

The Friday night of the Bronco chase, I learned subsequently, he tried to call me from the Bronco. He had my home number in St. Louis but nobody was home and the phone just rang and rang. And he also had the number of the studio and we did the NBA show out of the same studio as the NFL show but since it was the Finals I was at Madison Square Garden for Game Five between the Rockets and the Knicks.

So he actually then called the studio and a tech answered the phone ‘studio 3b?’

‘I need to speak to Bob Costas.’

‘He’s not here.’

‘I have to speak to him right now.’

‘Well he’s not here, he’s at Madison Square Garden.’

‘I gotta speak to him.’

‘Who’s calling?’

‘O.J. Simpson.’

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