Bob Costas’s Son Knows Why His Eyeballs Are So Gross And It Involves Ken Rosenthal

Poor Bob Costas. The legendary sports announcer got to travel to Russia to live every young broadcasting hopeful’s dream by providing analysis and commentary for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, and now he’s not only being replaced by Matt Lauer, but he’s also the butt of a zillion jokes because it was a double eye infection that forced him off the air. But sure, everything’s going just swimmingly in Sochi, says Vladimir Putin and some guy who is covered in blood and fur but has no clue where all the dogs went.

How bad are Bob’s eyeballs? Even his son, Keith, admitted that they’ve been terrifying children around the world. Last night, Keith appeared on the MLB Network’s Hot Stove to address his dad’s ailment, and he revealed that it’s not actually the water or insanely disgusting health situations that caused the infections. Instead, Bob has just been crying a lot thanks to Ken Rosenthal.