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ESPN’s Brent Musburger is 70 years old, but he still does a decent job at calling a college football or basketball game, provided that you also are 70 and have difficulty hearing the hyperbole and fellating that comes from someone that you’d expect to know better. But anyway, he was asked about Bob Knight, who’s now a college basketball analyst for that network, and Musburger relayed this charming little anecdote:

I was in practice one day and Landon Turner, who had been paralyzed in a car accident, was there. Bob stopped practice and just tore into him. He ripped him up and I was like, “Whoa.” I guess Landon missed an English class if I recall, and that was the result of the tirade.

So that night Bob and I went out to dinner and I said, “Coach, sitting there I winced and I was little uncomfortable when you turned your fire on Landon. Tell me about that?”

He said, “Brent, I promised his mother that he would get his degree when he came back after he was paralyzed and I’m going make sure he goes to class and get his degree. But by doing that, he feels that he is still a little part of the team because he knows direct fire at players in practice.” It was a moment of honesty. –Richard Deitsch,

Of course, Knight couldn’t do that anymore because student-athletes can’t be “abused” like that anymore. What’s the point of even having a coach around if kids are just going to do what they want? And really, people in wheelchairs should be yelled at more often. What, ARE YOU JUST GOING TO SIT AROUND ALL DAY? Maybe that’s a bad example.

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