01.24.07 11 years ago 5 Comments

Bob Knight and Bill Parcells coached together at Army in the 1960s, which actually makes a lot of sense. That was the best place to avoid damn dirty hippies. Anyway, that unique kinship that comes from serving in the military (even obliquely) and hating communists has lasted into the 21st century, where everything moves too damn fast and kids these days with their cell phones and–

Oh, sorry. Anyway, my point is that Bobby Knight is just like everybody else on the planet except Terrell Owens in that he hates Terrell Owens:

"How'd you like to coach Terrell Owens?" Knight said. "Terrell Owens would have gotten me out of coaching a hell of a lot quicker than he got Parcells out of it."

God damn, T.O. — Bobby Knight had stranglehold (ahem) on the title "biggest asshole in sports" for several decades, and even HE thinks you're an asshole. I'm not saying you should kill yourself, but… those painkillers aren't going to swallow themselves, know what I'm sayin'?

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