Bob Knight’s Kid Got Fired

03.07.11 8 years ago

Patrick Knight, who took the reins of the Texas Tech men’s basketball team when his famous father quit midseason in 2008, was cut loose today. Knight, son of three-time national championship coach Bob Knight, and his staff will remain intact through Texas Tech’s run in the Big XII tournament this week.

“We’ve lost seven games in the last minute,” he said, according to the Associated Press. “This program is competitive. But that’s not for me. I mean, honestly, I’m going to be coaching here, I’m going to be coaching somewhere else. I’ve proven I can coach. I run a clean program, I don’t cheat, my players graduate and we have discipline. So if you don’t want me here there’s going to be someone else that wants me.”

Patrick Knight obviously knows nothing about college basketball, because none of those things he listed are “win lots of games” and “compete for Final Four appearances.” In three full seasons, Knight amassed a 16–42 conference record and only made the NIT once. But he never physically assaulted any of his players, either. It’s tough to keep a job without occasionally choking your subordinates. Especially in Texas.

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