Bob Odenkirk Showed Up At A Minor League Baseball ‘Better Call Saul’ Night

So, a few things:

– Bob Odenkirk was the guest of honor at the Albuquerque Isotopes’ “Better Call Saul” night this weekend. He threw out the first pitch, and schmoozed with fans and players, and appeared to have a grand old time with it all, if we’re judging it just by the images from the team’s Facebook page.

– The entire team — as well as Odenkirk himself — wore jerseys with his face on them, because minor league baseball is the best. The jersey are now being auctioned off by the team, with most of the bids checking in between $150 and $200. So, with Christmas coming up in a few months and everything…

– It must be super weird to have an entire baseball team wear jerseys with your face on them.

– The Isotopes held the event, presumably, because Better Call Saul is set in Albuquerque, although I would very much like it if other minor league baseball teams started having Better Call Saul nights, regardless of geographical relationship to the show. Like maybe the next one could be in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It’s fun to picture Bob Odenkirk’s face upon receiving that invitation, especially if you say “Altoona” in your best Confused Bob Odenkirk voice in your head when you do it.

– The team is named the Isotopes because they decided to switch from “the Cannons” in 2003, and 67 percent of the voters chose the name of the minor league baseball team from The Simpsons.

So, to recap: Bob Odenkirk threw out the first pitch at a baseball game that was held in his honor because the excellent Breaking Bad spinoff he stars in is set in the town, and the team, which wore jerseys with his face on them, is named after a Simpsons joke. See above, regarding minor league baseball being awesome.