Here’s Bob Sapp Wearing A Steak Necklace And Participating In A Feat Of Strength With A Live Bear

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Across kickboxing and MMA over the last nine years, Bob Sapp has amassed a 3-30 record, mostly because he goes down and taps to strikes as quickly as acceptable. Bob Sapp likes paychecks, even if he was, at one point, a monster to be reckoned with across MMA and kickboxing. The man defeated the legendary kickboxer Ernesto Hoost! Twice! Now it’s come to this: Bob Sapp has donned a steak necklace in an attempt to test his strength against an angry bear.

In true Sapp fashion, he lost and got paid, but it’s still impressive to watch the Japanese superstar get in a cage and attempt to push a bear backward until a winner is determined. In fact, this is something more MMA fighters should do. Get Overeem, or even UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic in a weird cage with a glass barrier and have him push a bear. This is what MMA is about if you remove the martial arts, fighting and human opponents. The Japanese have it figured out. Bless them.

Even though Sapp is becoming increasingly irrelevant in combat sports, there’s something about watching him get angry at a bear that’s angry at him we find extremely entertaining to watch. Here’s to more weird Sapp-ness in 2018.

(Via Zombie Prophet)

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