Bobby Petrino Wrecks Motorcycle, Hummer

04.11.12 6 years ago

I like to imagine this video was created when the Don Draper of Taiwanese Animation walked into the studio (apartment where these are put together), wiped his hand across the sky and boldly stated, “Bobby Petrino getting a blowjob on a motorcycle”. And then those two high-fiving ladies from the end of the NMA World Edition videos drew up these beautiful painted storyboards of Petrino making O-face and powersliding off the road, and eventually it became what you see below.

Not to ruin anything for you, but at one point Petrino gets catapulted through a window when a domesticated boar headbutts him in the junk. Stay for the slow motion replay.

I know I link to these things all the time, but I’m consistently amazed at their ability to cut through the “analysis” and get right to the heart of the story — Bobby Petrino is a creepy phony and he f**ked up, and now he’s at the mercy of charging pigs.

[via NMA World Edition]

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