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Bode Miller won the downhill at Kvitfjell, Norway today and returned to the top of the World Cup standings. Miller credits his recent success to breeaking away from the U.S. Ski Team and training independently:

“Reality is, I haven’t changed since I started racing in the World Cup, barely at all. I have always raced the same, I always push it,” said the former four-times world champion. “I have improved slowly over time, but in general I feel there is no reason for anyone to criticize me one time and not another time. If you just look at results, you can do that, but I think that’s a pretty silly way to address ski racing, because it doesn’t give you a very complete picture. If my equipment is good, I can make recoveries and make adjustments and finish races, if it’s not then I crash. It is what it is.” Asked if he felt he had silenced his critics, the American smiled: “I don’t know, where are they? Are they talking? I don’t see any of them.”

Um, that's because people only pay attention to skiing every four years at the Winter Olympics, and the critics chose the "silly way to address ski racing" and you sucked. That's alright Bode, ex-girlfriends have often disparaged my equipment and it took me 2 years to fashion a witty retort. However, I've often found they don't care anymore. Kinda like sports fans don't care about you. -KD   

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