02.22.10 9 years ago 3 Comments

Bode Miller won his first Olympic gold medal–his third in Vancouver–in the super combined yesterday. Super combined is just like regular combined, except it comes with more fries. Miller’s accomplishments are even more impressive after his disappointing trip to the 2–6 games in Torino where he didn’t medal at all.

Lindsey Vonn’s husband and coach Thomas Vonn accused Austrain skiing coach Juergen Kriechbaum of sabotaging Lindsey’s chances in the Super G last week. Vonn claimed that the Austrian coaches, who somehow were allowed to design the run in accordance with current Olympic rules, did so to play against her weakness. Vonn finished with a bronze medal, so honestly I don’t see all the fuss.

Jaromir Jagr got his sh!t OWNED by Alex Ovechkin in the Russia-Czech Republic game. This never would have happened if Jagr still had his mullet.

The Americans are kicking the crap out of everyone else in the medal count. The United States have 24 medals, including 7 gold (also best in Vancouver at the moment). Germany is second with 18, followed by Norway with 12.

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