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According to sports biz whiz Darren Rovell, Bodog Sportsbook manager Richard Gardner took it personally when more and more people on that site continuted wagering on the Lakers to win the NBA title. So he set up a little wrinkle to the process that apparently will soon be costing him a boatload of cash.

Anyone who placed a bet on any other team to win the title would get $50 back from Bodog if Kobe and his boys ended up hoisting the trophy. It’s why, besides the players and the team executives themselves, Gardner probably has the most on the line.

The total damage if the Lakers win? Gardner already knows the number down to the cent: $394,411.50.

Oh, and I have no explanation for the girl in the dryer, but I’m pretty sure she was wearing a white shirt when I first put her in the wash. I guess you can’t wash teens on hot water, because the colors bleed. But only for three days out of the month.

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