Bomani Jones Hilariously Addressed The Catfish Using His Photos As ‘Phil’


The world of online dating is a wild one, and the greatest fear for anyone that uses Tinder, or Bumble, or other dating apps is getting catfished.

Creating a profile is very easy and photos can be misleading or downright falsified to pique interest. If done well, they can be quite convincing, but sometimes folks get lazy and just pull photos of a famous person with the hopes that a potential suitor doesn’t, say, watch TV.

Writer Jamilah Lemieux was scrolling through one such dating site when she came across “Phil,” who happened to be using photos of ESPN’s Bomani Jones. She documented the hilarity on Twitter, leading Bomani, who happens to be one of Lemieux’s friends, addressing the situation in spectacular fashion on Wednesday’s episode of High Noon on ESPN.

Bomani’s reaction is pretty perfect, as he is most concerned with whether his photos yield successful results for our guy “Phil,” while Pablo is mostly just upset no one has found a catfish using his photos. It also opens old wounds for Jones, as he’s forced to look at a photo of him when his hairline still existed, lamenting the crispiness of what once was on top of his now bald head.

The lesson here, of course, should be not to create fake online personas in an effort to trick people on dating sites.

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