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Divorce isn't really that funny. When two people love each other and try to build a life together, and that life goes up in smoldering flames, it's no laughing matter. And when the fire trucks show up and cordon off the entire block and they're all holding that trampoline-looking thing yelling to the people stranded above to jump, that's…actually pretty funny. Anyway, Red Sox principal owner John Henry is putting the finishing touches on his divorce–just in time for the pennant race!

From (via Ben Maller):

Few details have leaked so far, including whether Henry’s baseball team will be affected. The bookish Boca Raton-based commodities trader bought the team for $690 million in 2002 — nearly 10 years after marrying Peggy Sue in Hawaii.

But at least one startling fact has emerged from the July 29 filings, the newest in 10 months: The Henrys asked Circuit Court Judge Amy Smith to appoint a guardian ad litem to watch over the financial interests of their only child, an 11-year-old girl.

That is, they're giving the kid her own lawyer to determine how much the child support should be. And it's a damn shame they already traded away Manny Ramirez. As terrible as he can be in the outfield sometimes, I'm sure family law would come quite naturally to him.

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