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04.18.13 6 Comments

So yesterday, I was all, “Wow, did you guys see those baseball teams and especially the New York Yankees and Milwaukee Brewers being so awesome by playing Sweet Caroline and the Cheers theme to honor the people of Boston in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing?” And people were all, “Yeah, that was awesome, nothing will ever top that!” Then we all cyber-bro-hugged for world peace and called it a day, right?

Well, last night, the Boston Bruins were like, “That was pretty cool, baseball, but we’ve got this now” and Rene Rancourt took the ice to sing the National Anthem before the Bruins took on the Buffalo Sabres. About 15 seconds in, Rancourt signaled the crowd and he put the mic down to let the Boston faithful do the rest.

It’s moments like this that truly make sports such an important reminder that humanity exists. It may be under attack, but humanity is still alive and well within most of us.

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