Boston College Golfer Declines A $10K Hole-In-One Prize Because Of His NCAA Amateurism

Anyone looking for more anti-NCAA ammunition just got another reason to be upset with college athletics’ governing body. Or, more specifically, 10,000 reasons.

Meet Brian Butler, a junior at Boston College and a member of the Eagles’ golf team who recently sank a hole-in-one while qualifying for the Benrus Open in Rhode Island. For his shot, Butler was awarded $10,000—which he had to decline in order to comply with NCAA amateurism rules.

“$10,000 is obviously a lot of money,” Butler said in an interview with NBC’s Golf Channel, “but being part of the BC golf team is something I love and wasn’t ready to give up,”

In the slim chance that Butler makes a hole-in-one at the Benrus Open finals, he’d be awarded a $1 million prize. Suffice to say, a decision pertaining to his eligibility would be much different then.

[Boston College Athletics]