The Boston Red Sox Shotgunned Some Beers After Winning Last Night

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10.09.13 6 Comments

It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that Bobby Valentine, one of the worst managers in Major League Baseball history according to my own loathing of that man, was preaching that his Boston Red Sox wouldn’t be carrying on Terry Francona’s tradition of players drinking in the clubhouse. That’s why it’s so delightfully ironic that just one season removed from Bobby V getting the boot, the Sox are back in the American League Championship Series and shotgunning beers to celebrate last night’s series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Now, I bring this otherwise non-story up for two reasons: 1) I love making fun of Bobby Valentine any chance I can get. But for my second and much more important point, let’s go to the video…

Bros, let’s have some real talk, okay? If you can’t shotgun a full beer, it’s okay to say, “No thanks, bros.” Because look at all that beer that a few of those guys wasted in slamming their not-empty beers on the ground. It’s shameful when people do that, and we need to put an end to the senseless waste of beer, whether plain, old Bud Heavy or something more delicious like any other beer on the planet.

(H/T to Masshole Sports)

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