Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino Is Rootin’ Hard To Bring The ‘World Series Cup’ Back To Boston

For all of the good that he does in leading the city of Boston, Mayor Tom Menino is hilariously clueless when it comes to sports. It’s almost as if one of his staffers throws together a memo for him at the last second before a big press conference, and he spills a jelly donut on the most important part. For example, back in January, he wished the New England Patriots players good luck before the AFC Championship game, and most notably mentioned Vince Wilcock and Rob Gronkowski, or as he called him, “Gonk.”

Menino was back to verbal gaffes yesterday, as he told his fellow Bostonians in a press conference that he’ll be “ROOTIN’ HAHD” for the Red Sox to bring home the “World Series Cup.” Haha, stupid mayor. Everyone knows it’s the Vince O’Brien Cup.