The Botched ‘Golf Tee In Butt’ Stunt Now Has A Video, Because Of Course It Does

Pro Wrestling Editor
03.15.14 25 Comments

Golf Tee Butt Stunt video

In yesterday’s most important news story, model Liz Dickson revealed that she was suing Playboy Enterprises and the host of a Playboy morning show co-host for causing her to get fwacked in the butt cheek with a golf club during a stunt involving a tee being propped up in her ass? Good news, everybody! There’s video.

I’d like to properly credit this clip to whoever found it, but I can’t find the source. If the journalists had included a fourth identification graphic across the center of the video I might’ve had an easier time. Anyway, golf tee in butt leads to golf club on ass, take one:

I wish TMZ had been around in the 15th century to grab exclusive video of William Tell accidentally shooting kids in the face with arrows.

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