Behold The Greatest Bottle Flip And Dab Combo Of All Time

Remember that teen who blew away a high school talent show by successfully landing a water bottle flip like it was a damn 900 on a skateboard? Hopefully by now you’ve figured out that it’s not actually a big deal to flip a water bottle and land it right-side-up, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. It’s about the wonder in the eyes of the witnesses, and the simple aesthetic beauty of a closed loop.

This kid’s bottle flip is, by aerodynamic standards, even less impressive than the talent show iteration. He does it to a closer landing spot and at a lower angle. That being said, the tile of his outdoor shower is wet, which probably added a degree of difficulty or two, and he did it no look, which always increases the swag factor by at least a standard deviation. Still, much like the originator of this meme, the reaction is what really matters.

First, the child turns around to see if it landed (it did). Then, the overjoyed look at the camera, the “Tell me you got that!” moment, which is really improved here by including no words. And to cap it all off, the pièce de résistance, a gosh darned penguin-belly-surfing dab. As much as I loved Cam Newton destroying the world with his dabs, I’ve never fully understood it until this moment, with this kid. I truly wish that bath tile went on forever, so he could dab-slide right out of frame and into the sunset. Dab on, sweet child.