A Boxer Broke His Hand, Tore A Bicep, And Still Somehow Retained His Title

Deontay Wilder v Artur Szpilka
Getty Image / Mike Stobe

Cliches abound when discussing sports, particularly ones in which the participants give and take contact. A running back in football crashes through the line of scrimmage and drags defenders before going down or an MMA fighter quickly and easily dispatches an opponent in a flurry of punches and kicks which make him or her indestructible. You know, stuff like that. But in Birmingham, Ala. on Saturday night, we saw a cliche become reality.

Boxing world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder broke his right hand and tore his right biceps in the fourth round of a title fight against challenger Chris Arreola, rendering him one-armed for the remainder of the bout. So all Wilder did from there was whup Arreola with one hand, turning his face in to a “a swollen, bloody mess,” per ESPN, as the champ retained his title via an eighth-round TKO.

According to’s Dan Rafael, Wilder said, “it’s broke,” as he walked past the media area following the fight. “Look at my hand,” he would instruct reporters a bit later. “This thing hurts.”

Wilder’s self-diagnosis was confirmed in the locker room of Legacy Arena shortly thereafter, with state boxing commission doctor issuing his own diagnosis of a broken right hand and probable torn right biceps. Wilder was sent to the University of Alabama Birmingham hospital for an MRI.

It just goes to show, the next time you hear an athlete who participates in a rough sport referred to as “indestructible” or something like that, it may actually be true.

(via ESPN)

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