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American-born boxer Rob Newbiggin did not have his gender classified at birth. As a person with male genetalia, Rob had high levels of estrogen. He was abandoned by his parents and later adopted by a Canadian couple who then moved to England. He learned to box, got married, had kids, and now is sharing his story with the world, and the world has been less than receptive in general:

“My friends don’t want to know me. I’ve got people winding their windows down shouting abuse at me while I go for my run – that’s why we are having to relocate. I have to think about my kids,” the boxer said.

“When it comes to my kids, it doesn’t matter whether I’m a mother or a father as long as I’m a good parent,” he said. “And I think I’ll be a better parent as a woman. I haven’t provided enough financial stability in my male life for my children.” via.

Newbiggin will be reincarnated as “Mercedes” and apply for a boxing license as a female. I would love to be supportive of someone who’s doing his best to find her true self and live as healthy a life as possible. But the fact that this person lived for over 40 years as a man, got married, had kids, and is now hitting the eject button on that life…it just bothers me. Even though Rob has his family’s support, nnobody knows how this is going to impact their lives, including them. And if I was his wife, I’d be totally annoyed, because she can kiss about half of her closet space goodbye now. And another thing, how many pairs of black shoes does one couple need, anyway? img inspiration.

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