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Via Foul Balls, here's the heart-warming tale of world cruiserwweight champion O'Neil Bell (somebody get that guy a first name), who over the weekend was arrested for allegedly — allegedly, people — hurling a hatchet at his sparring partner during a training run.

Deputies responding to a possible fight off Highway 38 found Bell's sparring partner, 37-year-old Larry Slayton, afraid for his life with cuts from running through the brush, sheriff's spokeswoman Arden Wiltshire said Monday.

Slayton told the deputies Bell had become angry with him during a training session in the woods and threw a hatchet the boxer was carrying for protection against bears. Slayton fled, dodging large rocks Bell threw at him, Wiltshire said.

There are two lessons here, sexy readers.

  1. A hatchet is, indeed, enough to effectively defend yourself against bears. Unless that Bear is Tank Johnson.
  2. If you fail to be attacked by bears while training to defend your boxing title, you may want to stay sharp by hunting your fellow man. Man is the ultimate prey.

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