Boxers Fighting Invisible Men Is The Strangest Thing You’ll Ever See In Combat Sports

Entertainment Editor

Boxers fighting invisible men, or in the above case, James Kirkland vs. an invisible Canelo Alvarez, has to be one of the strangest things ever seen in sports combat history. It’s also probably the most impressive editing in combat sports history. Seeing the destruction from a punch without actually seeing the strike coming or landing shows off how incredibly brutal the impact of a boxer’s punch can be. The Raging Bull Effect™ has shown off the smooshed faces of countless boxers, but this is just… Different. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Artist Paul Pfieffer has meticulously removed strikers from boxing videos to show off the disconcerting and nasty end of getting one’s ass beat by an Invisible Man, and the results are breathtaking.

It’s impossible not to watch the highlight over and over again. The viewer has no idea where the next strike is coming from, and when the punch lands, it’s devastating.

The gallery is full of these gems:

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