This Boxer Got Knocked Out By A Flying Ice Bucket Moments After Winning His Fight

A boxing match at the Bell Center in Montreal Canada turned into a full scale brawl after a bucket of ice flew into the ring to knock out main event winner Brandon Cook. The undefeated Toronto-based Cook was taking on Montreal local Steven Butler for the IBF-WBA light middleweight North American championship. Things can get a little heated when it comes to the sports rivalries between the two cities, and when Cook TKO’d Butler in the 7th round several fans at ringside were not happy and started throwing ice and cans.

That’s bad enough, but what followed next was a disgrace. Steven Butler was also upset that the ref stopped the fight following a knockdown that left him on wobbly legs. As Cook went to thank Butler for the fight, Butler shoved him … and that’s when a metal bucket full of ice flew into the ring and hit Cook in the head, dropping the boxer to the canvas in a daze.

Multiple fights then broke out in the crowd which resulted in four people to the hospital, with one older woman being hit by a bottle of Grey Goose. Security and police managed to regain control, and two men in their twenties have been arrested over the incident. Brandon Cook plans on pressing charges over the incident, saying no athlete should have to put up with something like that when competing. He also saved some criticism for the Bell Center, questioning why cans and bottles were even present when basic common sense has them barred at most sporting events.

(via Barstool Sports)