A Boy Ran Onto The Pitch To Meet Neymar And What Happened Next Was Adorable

Brazil and South Africa played a friendly game of soccer at the Soccer City Stadium in Soweto yesterday, and the Brazilian men happily displayed their dominance with a 5-0 victory. The friendly game didn’t matter as anything more than practice for the 2014 World Cup, but even if it had been the most important match in the history of soccer, it wouldn’t have stopped one little boy from stealing the show and becoming the hero of the day.

After the game, a young boy ran onto the pitch to meet Brazilian star Neymar, and while security initially tried to stop him – including one dude who needs to take a few classes in how to handle children – Neymar came to the rescue and hoisted the boy up with his teammates. Then the kid took some photos with Neymar and the other Brazilian players, and if he was just a few years older, he could really capitalize on this with the ladies.