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When people talk about allegations of “hazing,” it makes one typically think of some poor asshole’s house getting toilet-papered or maybe having to scrape shaving cream off the front of his locker. This latest incident involving the Woodland Hills (CA) Taft High School boys’ volleyball team…this doesn’t really sound like hazing. From KTLA:

Eleven students claim they were hazed by their peers, but none sought medical treatment.

[M]any students outside the school Tuesday said it involved suggestive acts with a sex toy….Some students told KTLA they’ve heard rumors that a freshman player was held down in the locker room and sodomized with an object.

The LA Times had an update yesterday:

Six employees at Taft High School were reassigned Tuesday while school district and law enforcement officials investigate an alleged hazing incident in the boys locker room on the Woodland Hills campus…[D]istrict sources said Principal Sharon Thomas and volleyball coach Arman Mercado were among them.[…]

[They] were disciplined because they allegedly did not report the hazing in a timely manner. The incident, which only involved students, was reported to the Los Angeles Police Department on Jan. 30. But top school district officials said they were not aware of the incident until Feb. 17.

Freshmen? I guess they like ’em older. Once a girl turns 14, she’s totally past her prime. Maybe it’s different with guys. I wouldn’t know, but then I was never as maniacally sexually frustrated at that age. In other words, I never played boys’ volleyball in high school.

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