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So I wanted to do a silly bracket where you guys could vote on stuff like every other jackassed sports blog does this time of year, but I didn’t want to do anything stupid like movies or stuff your mom likes to wear. No, our bracket is part of a Nasty Fetish Tournament that’s so nasty, we couldn’t keep it all on one blog. Oh yeah, this is the bracket for the With Leather/Kissing Suzy Kolber Nasty Fetish Final Four.

The Gist:

  • We assembled a selection committee of four people (Punte, Ape, Uff, and Spencer Hall). We had a fantasy draft of fetishes, with order determined at random, to determine seeding. I produced a “cheat sheet” as a guide, but everyone was free to draft any fetish not listed on the sheet.
  • The Punte and Uff regoinals will be posted on With Leather, starting with the Play-In Fetish on Monday. The Ape and Swindle regionals will be posted on KSK. The WL matchups will appear after-the-jump on regular posts. The KSK matchups will appear most likely as quick hits, or jumped posts. It’s up to you to vote for the fetish of your choice; although it’s the Nasty Fetish Tournament, the selection logic is up to you!
  • The Final Four will appear on WL, beginning on Thursday, April 2.
  • More information to come, including definitions for those of you too lazy to look up some of the intense fetish jargon. Listen to the selection show on KSK or see a printable bracket after the jump.

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