Brad Ausmus Let F-Bombs Fly And Covered The Plate With His Jacket During A Classic Meltdown

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Brad Ausmus is typically a calm and collected guy, but on Monday night, he flipped his lid (literally) on an umpire after being ejected at the conclusion of the fourth inning.

The Tigers manager was not at all pleased with home plate umpire Doug Eddings’ strike zone and apparently was too loud in voicing his frustrations, as Eddings calmly tossed him after a strikeout to end the fourth. What followed was one of the more animated manager meltdowns we’ve seen in baseball this year.

Ausmus unleashed a fury of f-bombs on the umpire, which could clearly be heard via the Fox Sports Minnesota broadcast on before cutting to commercial break.

In addition to the verbal tirade, Ausmus also decided to go with the classic “kick dirt on the plate” move after being tossed. To top that one off, he laid down his sweatshirt on home plate like a fed up father tucking his child into bed.


Unfortunately for Ausmus, laundry is easy to pick up off the ground and umpires carry brushes designed specifically for sweeping dirt off the plate, so his tactics at getting revenge on Eddings probably were very flawed.