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Despite his refuted and often embarrassing recruiting efforts to bring Brett Favre into camp, Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress seems to be a rather discriminate dude in terms of his personnel. In Peter King’s report filed from Vikings training camp, Childress discusses the intensive character testing to which recent draft pick and noted pothead Percy Harvin was subjected [emphasis added]:

The troubled Harvin, obviously, got investigated thoroughly before he was drafted out of the University of Florida in April. When Brad Childress went to Gainesville the week before the draft to meet Harvin and spend a day with him, he said he wanted Harvin to pick him up and drive him around. “I wanted to be in his car, and I wanted to smell the car,” Childress said. You know, for the pot smell. via.

I just love that story: I’m sure Percy Harvin picking up Major Dad at the airport didn’t hurt his game with the Gainesville ladies at all. And what’s to stop Harvin from using somebody else’s car? Childress seems like one of those parents that would just barge into your room while you’re getting high. “Are you smoking pot? No? Okay, son, carry on. Boy, it sure it foggy in here.” Yes it is, coach. Yes, it is.

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